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After my husband passed away, I found myself with overwhelming debt, including a sizable tax lien on my home. Having seen some commercials for reverse mortgages, I looked for a local specialist in the field, hoping that they could explain whether a reverse mortgage might prove helpful in my situation. Luckily, my research culminated in a phone call to Mace at New Mexico Reverse Mortgage. He considered my situation and found a reverse mortgage program that was ideal for me, taking the time to explain in detail all of the costs, advantages and possible disadvantages of the varying programs. The loan process was smooth and the end result was a release of the tax lien as well as paying off all of my other debts, a bit of extra cash at the loan closing for a kitchen remodel, and continued income in the form of a line of credit. Thanks to Mace, Paul, Jelly (the dog) and everyone else at New Mexico Reverse Mortgage, I was able to keep my home, erase my debt, and enjoy my life free from financial concerns. I really felt comfortable and welcome every time I walked thru your doors.

–Claire B.