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Reverse Mortgage Albuquerque

Whether you are part of the seasoned War Generation, a young Baby Boomer “kid” or something in between, you are on this website to learn about reverse mortgages. However, before you get lost zipping around our pages, we’d like you to know more about us. Who are we? First, let us tell you who we are NOT.

We are not aging Hollywood actors, singers or ex-politicians seen on TV. We are not one of the “1-800” faceless phone call centers that many seniors get herded through. Nor do we buy or sell your information if you innocently ask for more information or complete information on a website reverse mortgage calculator (be careful, it really does happen).

Banks, credit unions and other mortgage lenders offer a huge variety of financial products. Truth be told, in this ever-changing mortgage lending industry, it is impossible to be considered an expert and thoroughly understand the intricacies of all the different mortgage programs. Additionally, reverse mortgages are even more unique when compared to any other type of mortgage. New Mexico Reverse Mortgage decided NOT to try to be a “jack-of-all-trades” company and offer every type of mortgage. We decided to do one thing… and do it better than anyone else. We are a niche specialist and Reverse Mortgage lending in New Mexico is the only thing we do.

The mortgage industry has gotten its fair share of bad press over the past few years; some of it deservedly so. Also, there continues to be many misconceptions and fears about Reverse Mortgages as well. That said, I’ve got my work cut out for me! We enjoy sharing our knowledge and opening the eyes of the unknowing and the skeptics. Building a solid foundation of trust doesn’t happen online; you’ll only get to know who we are by reaching out and allowing us to have some open dialogue. Until then, we’ve tried to create an informative web platform as a starting point for you.

New Mexico Reverse Mortgage

New Mexico Reverse Mortgage is located in the North Valley of Albuquerque, New Mexico on 4th Street just 2 blocks North of Montano. The relationship and trust that is built throughout the loan application process continues after the loan has closed. Know that you and your family can rely on us to assist and give professional advice long into the future. We respect the senior community and the various challenges they live with. We acknowledge and appreciate the diversity within this community and understand the importance of listening.

Along with our experience, we have been trained to educate you about reverse mortgages and will help determine if it is a good option that will accomplish your goals. If a reverse mortgage is not an appropriate solution for you, we may direct you to another professional or agency that may be able to assist you better.

A reverse mortgage is insured (more accurately, guaranteed) by the federal government and constant changes to the program are not uncommon. We remain up-to-date on all government changes related to the product or its process. And, because we are more informed and knowledgeable about reverse mortgages than anyone else, you can rest easy knowing that you are working with the best. We love to share our knowledge every day with New Mexican seniors, their families and others interested. If you represent a group or association and would like us to speak at a function, please call and we’ll get that arranged.

Additionally, New Mexico Reverse Mortgage is actively involved in several organizations that are dedicated to senior services and state and federal financial non-profit organizations dedicated to the New Mexican consumer. We have taught several senior organizations, New Mexico city, county, and state Senior departments and have been quoted by the Albuquerque Journal and other state and national publications.

Contact New Mexico Reverse Mortgage to learn more and to help you with your financial needs. We want to know you and suspect that at the same time, you’ll get to know us pretty well too! Thank you for the opportunity to earn your business and we look forward to meeting you.

Helping you move forward, in Reverse.

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